Welcome to our “Books” page.  Here, for your convenience, you will find all posts related to books and literature.

Why “Outliers” Should be on Your Desert Island List

Book Review: I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains (Real and Imagined)

Book Review: Lessons of the Freshman Year

Book Review: Ghosts of Chicago

It Shall Rise from the Ashes: A sort-of book review of Detroit: An American Autopsy

Book Review: Anatomy of a Heartbreak

David and Goliath and the Work of Malcolm Gladwell

Deciphering The People Code

Am I a Psychopath?: A Review of The Psychopath Test

50 Years Later: JFK in Media and Your Mind

(Un)comfortably Close: A Review of Hyperbole and a Half

John Grisham and Sycamore Row

Revisiting 1984 in the Age of Snowden, the NSA and Mass Data Collection 

Max Bemis, Polarity, and my Unlikely Foray into Comics


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